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Steve Taylor - Musician, Entertainer, and Song Writer


Steve was born in the Gulf Coast town of Pensacola, Florida.  After high school, Steve enrolled in the "College of Higher Learning" and majored in "way too much fun", graduating with honors.

Steve traveled the world as a merchant seaman where he honed his musical skills and cultural understanding of people.  Finding his passion as a musician and entertainer, Steve translated that understanding into a unique talent for anticipating and performing in a way that offers his audiences exactly what they want to hear, when they want to hear it, no matter the venue, age, or gender of his audiences.  Steve's voice is a vocal hybrid of Neil Diamond and Michael Buble.  Whether singing his own originals, Country, TropRock, or Top 40, Steve knows how to tell a story by weaving the emotions of his crowd with the message of the artist.

Steve believes that love is always the way and that music is the fastest way to get there.  He is passionate about health and fitness, golf, and yoga.  Like Disney, Steve's mission is to inspire a child's approach to life where people are not afraid to be delighted with simple pleasures, where age relies on fond memories of the past and where youth savours the challenge and promise of the future.  Steve aims to lift up his audience and edify their life through his music, voice, and stories.

As a long-time Gulf Coast entertainer, Steve has had the pleasure of playing for all types of audiences, including current top artists.  Two such artists recently stopped by to watch Steve entertain his guests and said the following: "Good job man" (Kid Rock, 2011) and "You're a real rock star" (Jason Mraz, 2012).  With testimonials like that and from the thousands of guests throughout his 30-year career, Steve continues to inspire the music within us all.